Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Why I support Bernie Sanders for President

     Bernie Sanders and his Presidential campaign are a breath of fresh air in American politics. He’s authentic, ethical and concerned about the People’s welfare and the environment. I also like the guy. That’s why I support him for President. We should have more politicians like him -- a lot more.
     Bernie Sanders would truly represent the 99% of the American population who aren’t the wealthiest 1%. With the active support of that 99% he would reform the corrupt political system we have in the United States. He calls the reforms he proposes his “Political Revolution”. Bernie supporters believe that he can pull this off, despite our mostly Republican, obstructionist Congress. Those who support Hillary believe she’s a safer bet to get meaningful things done as President. However, whatever progress she achieves would be incremental. She represents those who believe that we shouldn’t expect to have a system that works for all of us, that we should be content with any progress we make given our corrupt system. Many Hillary supporters also support her because they know her better than Bernie since she received more public attention as a First Lady, U.S. Senator and U.S. Secretary of State.
     Should Bernie win the Democratic nomination and then the Presidential election, I predict he’ll remain popular with his supporters and attract new supporters. He has the charisma to galvanize at least his supporters into taking action to achieve real political progress. I’m optimistic that once that happens, the power of his Presidency will bring us closer than we’ve been to starting another revolution since the days of the American Revolution that started in 1775. 

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