Saturday, 18 June 2011

Our predicament and what to do about it

Here's a video that's a must-see. I received it from two days ago, and again yesterday from my advertising consultant and compatriot Robert Schmierer. In the video former Labor Secretary Robert Reich explains the economy in 135 seconds. He hits the nail right on the head.

The Truth about the Economy in two minutes

It doesn't stop amazing me how, with all of our technology and know-how, we're so politically docile and isolated from those around us. Poor people in other countries like Egypt and Tunisia have demonstrated on the streets to protest economic injustice there. Here in the United States, people have material comforts to a greater degree than elsewhere. Yet the average American limits his or her political participation to voting every 2 or 4 years. And fewer Americans have voted in past years due to disgust with the political process. Are we apathetic because of some genetic defect, or have the powers that be found a way to control us like puppets? I heard on the radio years ago that the U.S. is the most propagandized country in the world. Could that be how we're being manipulated, or is it because of our dependence on money that's harder and harder to come by these days?

How did we become the most powerful country in the world? Perhaps it's because a few very powerful people want to protect their immense wealth by means of military force. Who'd think of stealing their assets when they're so heavily defended?

Anyway, here's information about the next Economic Solidarity Workshop meeting.

Date and time: Saturday June 25, 10 am to 12:30 pm

Where: The Beaver Creek Adult Center library, 4250 East Zuni Way, Lake Montezuma, AZ

Cost: $1. Light refreshments will be provided, but contributions of food and drink and or a few dollars are welcome.

Agenda for the meeting: Introductions, discussing strategy for local action, forming committees and assigning responsibilities. We'll also discuss the "Decoupling" policy approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC), and what we can do about it.

RSVP by Monday June 20. 

Please note: portions of the meeting will be recorded on video to be posted on this Blog. Please don't attend the meeting if you have no wish to appear in the video.
As explained in the PowerPoint presentation I sent to friends and acquaintances, one of the Workshop's objectives for holding the Powers that Be accountable is to take grassroots action. You may not live close enough to Lake Montezuma, AZ to be able to attend meetings. Don't worry, however, that you won't be able to participate in this movement. We can arrange to meet remotely via Skype video, audio or text chat, for example. And I can help you establish a local chapter of the Economic Solidarity Workshop, so that you can organize meetings where you live. Just imagine the impact we'll have when people all over Arizona and the Southwest are working together towards one common goal: to hold those in power accountable to the middle class. Imagine how much better our lives will be when the corruption is exposed and the greed-mongers are forced to show more compassion! And all because we make it happen! How many new cars and trips to Italy would that be worth to you?

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